Credicorp Ltd. : Credicorp's declaration of dividends

February 22, 2017 at 10:03 PM EST

Lima, PERU, February 22nd, 2017 - Credicorp Ltd. announces to its shareholders and the market that the Board of Directors, in its session held on February 22nd, 2017, approved the distribution of dividend according to the Bye-Laws of the Company, and considering a total net income of 3,514,582,247.63 Soles, attained in the financial year 2016.

The Board agreed unanimously to pay its shareholders a cash dividend of 1,159,628,337.82 Soles, for a total of 94,382,317 outstanding shares, which is equivalent to 12.2865 Soles per share. The cash dividend shall be paid out on May 12th, 2017, without withholding tax at source, to shareholders of record on April 18th, 2017.

The dividend will be paid in US Dollars using the weighted exchange rate registered by the Superintendency of Banks, Insurance and Pension Funds (Superintendencia de Banca, Seguros y AFPs) for the transactions at the close of business on May 10th, 2017. The US Dollar dividend amount will be rounded up to four decimals.

About Credicorp

Credicorp Ltd. (NYSE: BAP) is the leading financial holding in Peru. It is composed of Banco de Credito del Peru (BCP), Atlantic Security Holding Corporation (ASHC), Grupo Pacifico Seguros, Prima AFP, and Credicorp Capital, which are among Peru's top-rated brands. Credicorp is mainly involved in banking (commercial & investment banking and retail banking, including SME and micro-lending), insurance (including property and casualty, life and health insurance), pension funds (private pension fund management services) and brokerage services (including trust, custody and securitization services, asset management and proprietary trading and investment).
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