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Where is Credicorp incorporated?
Credicorp Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated in Bermuda. The majority of the operations conducted by Credicorp’s subsidiaries take place in Peru.
Where is Credicorp’s common stock listed?
Credicorp’s common stock is directly listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL, acronym in Spanish) under the ticker symbol “BAP”. Its common stock is quoted in U.S. Dollars on both exchanges.
Who is Credicorp’s Transfer Agent?

Credicorp’s Transfer Agent is Computershare Inc. You can contact them at:

How many outstanding shares does Credicorp have and who is its main shareholder?
Credicorp has 94.38 million outstanding shares, of which 79.76 million are floating shares. 14.6 million shares are held as treasury shares by ASHC. You can find more detailed information about this in Item 7 – Major shareholders and Related Party Transactions, in our latest 20-F report.
What is Credicorp’s fiscal year for reporting purposes?
Credicorp’s fiscal year for reporting purposes is the calendar year.
Which documents should an investor use to gain more insight about Credicorp?

We suggest reading the following documents:

  1. Our latest 20-F, which you can find in the Annual Reports section. This document provides a comprehensive overview of Credicorp and its business as of its date.
  2. Our latest Quarterly Earnings Release, which you can find in the Quarterly Reports section, provides recently updated financial information.
  3. Finally, we also suggest reviewing our latest Corporate Presentation, which you can find under the Presentations section.
In which countries does Credicorp operate?

Credicorp conducts business mainly through its operating subsidiaries in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile, which are organized into four lines of business (LoBs):

You can find more information about Credicorp´s LoBs in the section About Us; in our latest 20-F report; and in Note 3(b) to Credicorp´s consolidated financial statements, which you can find in our Annual Materials section.

  1. Universal Banking
  2. Microfinance
  3. Insurance and Pensions
  4. Investment Banking and Wealth Management.

You can find more information about Credicorp´s LoBs in the section About Us; in our latest 20-F report; and in Note 3(b) to Credicorp´s consolidated financial statements, which you can find in our Annual Materials section.

Who regulates the operations of Credicorp’s subsidiaries?
You can find this information in our latest 20-F in the Annual Reports section. Specifically, this information is in Item 3. Key Information - 3.D Risk Factors.
Does Credicorp have any scheduled events?
Yes, you can find updated information in our Calendar of Events section.
Who is Credicorp´s independent external auditor?
As of 2018, Credicorp’s independent external auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers/Gaveglio Aparicio y Asociados Sociedad Civil de Responsabilidad Limitada.
Who are the analysts that provide financial coverage of Credicorp?
Credicorp has several industry analysts that provide stock coverage. You can find the list in the “Analyst Coverage” section of our IR website.
Does Credicorp have a corporate governance policy?

Yes, our corporate governance policy aims to: project our commitment to our shareholders and all other stakeholders and to promote the highest level of performance for both our Board and Management; ensure the transparency of our information; and guide the adequate governance and internal controls of Credicorp and its subsidiaries.  For further details please see the following link: Corporate Governance Policies document. Credicorp’s disclosure policy is included in the document Corporate Governance Policies Credicorp.

When was the last election for directors and how long is their tenure?
The last election was held in 2017 at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. The directors were elected for a three-year period. You can find more information in the Shareholder’s Guide Document, which is in our Corporate Governance section.
In there any document Shareholders should examine carefully?

You can access the document Shareholder’s Guide for further details. You can find this document in the “Governance” section of our IR website.

Where can I find information about Credicorp’s dividends?
You can find our dividend policy in the Shareholder’s guide in the “Governance Documents” section. Information on our dividend history is in the section “Stock” of our Investor Relations website.
How can I change my registration information or verify the number of Credicorp shares that I currently own?
If you are a Peruvian resident and purchased BAP shares through the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL by its Spanish initials), please contact RegistrodeAccionesConsultas@credicorpcapital.com. Non-Peruvian residents should contact their broker or custodian directly.
Does Credicorp currently have a debt rating?
At this time, Credicorp has no debt rating.

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